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The Dance of Existence: An Exploration of Being and Becoming in Life

The profound journey of existence reveals itself through an intricate dance — a ballet vibrantly oscillating between two primary forces: being and becoming. This exploration unearths a profound tension, a rhythmic push and pull reflected in ancient wisdom and modern science, from the teachings of the Yoga Sutras to the complexities of clinical trials.

The Wisdom of Yoga Sutras: Understanding Prakriti

In the philosophical realms of Yoga Sutras, Prakriti — the primordial matter, stands as an emblem of the state of 'being.' It's the untouched clay, brimming with potential, quietly humming with boundless possibilities. It lies in wait, unformed, static, a tableau of untapped potential and uncharted beginnings.

The Parallels in Clinical Trials

In the world of clinical trials, a molecule echoes this dormant, raw clay. Suspended at the edge of discovery, it anticipates its transition, a journey from anonymity to transformative potential.

The Shift: From Being to Becoming

An enigmatic transformation takes place — the clay under the sculptor's thoughtful touch evolves, transmuting into myriad shapes and forms. This metamorphosis signifies the state of 'becoming' — the tangible realization of the intangible, a physical manifestation birthed from the realm of possibilities. The molecule in the clinical trial mirrors this journey, navigating through the pipeline, evolving into a potentially healing force.

The Dance of Life: The Cycle of Creation and Transformation

As we navigate the labyrinth of existence, this rhythm, this dance between being and becoming guides us. It's an unending cycle of creation and transformation, a cosmic tango that anchors us amidst the ebb and flow of life, past, present, and future.

Echoes of Michael Bernard Beckwith

The words of Michael Bernard Beckwith resonate in this context, painting a vivid picture: life unfolds in the tension between being and becoming. As beings, we are in a constant state of evolution and growth, yet simultaneously immersed in the calm waters of being. The dance thrives in this tension, an unseen force that drives the cycle of life.

Embracing the Tension

In resistance to this dance, we stumble into discord and challenges. The dance demands a harmonious equilibrium between being and becoming — an exquisite balance of static existence and dynamic transformation. One without the other is an incomplete symphony, a dance missing vital steps.

Navigating the Choreography of Life

Mastering this dance involves leaning into the tension, embracing the cycle, and understanding the complex choreography of life. It's in this mastery that we realize our existence, our ability to grow, and our profound capacity for transformation — much like the way primordial matter evolves into diverse shapes, or a molecule transmutes during a clinical trial.

The Eternal Cycle: The Ultimate Quest

The dance of being and becoming is the ultimate quest — an unending cycle, a recurrent pattern echoing through the corridors of existence. It's a journey that embraces the tension between who we are and who we have the potential to become — a testament to the beauty of life's eternal dance.


The tension between being and becoming is not a hindrance but an essential catalyst that propels the dance of existence. It's a profound realization that we, like the clay or a molecule in a clinical trial, are in a constant state of flux. By embracing and mastering this delicate dance, we align ourselves with the rhythm of life, allowing us to fully experience the depth and beauty of our existence. Life, in all its wisdom, is a delicate balance of being content in the present while continuously striving for transformation — a breathtakingly beautiful, everlasting dance between being and becoming.


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  5. What are some practical ways to embrace the tension of 'being and becoming'?

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